Lea Maleeva

"I admire the beautiful participants in the concurs, I think it is time for the world to see a real Playboy model."


The beautiful girl grew up in a small town near Sofia City, where she lost her mother at a very fragile age. At that time, she was a good-natured and kind child with an outstanding mentality. Despite the difficulties that life brings her, she is one of the best students in the high school. She graduated secondary-special education in a technological profile with extended English with great success, as this is a nice sample of a good students. She starts her higher education, but she leaves it after the first semester. She says she however took the information, that she needed for her life to be free, happy and positive. The young lady is grateful for all the difficult past moments of her life, such as two operations of the spine, that, after her recovery, redirected her from gymnastics to fitness, nutrition.. and in common – healthy and HIGH lifestyle. Leaving the university, she became one of the preferred fitness instructors in Sofia.

Successful Independent Escort

Until that moment, she did not suspect that she actually has unearthly beauty and that her life had prepared a great surprise for her. Only 21 years old, she rediscovers herself as an absolute escort-model and gives an incredible start to her escort-career, named "Escortira" (whose domein was bought for () by a known escort directory), with working hours from 12:00 to 20:00 in the website alo.bg with her first picture (link) Lea is the first escort to successfully run the Lifecoaching service, as well as Girlfriend Experience in Bulgaria, as the second service is described on her website to cost 1000 hour! Not after long time, she is one of the most preferred and expensive escorts in the capital, and her monthly incoming amount is 5-digit and dizzying. A year later, categorized as one of the most preferred escorts in Bulgaria, with the help of her official advertisers, the dazzling brunette accompanies elite gentlemen from Dubai, London and Monaco for 7000EUR. It is a public secret, that the favorite has helped and couched free of charge several of her colleagues, who, due to her skills, continue succeeding as preferred escort models and being tolerated as such by society.

Playboy Model

In that moment, the little, kind and beautiful child turns into a real princess of fairy tales. Graceful and confident, with a unique manner and high IQ, she becomes one of the many contenders for Playboy®™s cover. After a casting, the jury unanimously voted for her, with the highest possible rating and invited her to play the four roles of the dirty tale of the Little Red Riding Hood - the girl, the grandmother, the hunter and the wolf. The press bursts, websites scream with the hot photo session of the beautiful favorite and the Playboy magazine registers maximum sales for a normative time. A provocative questions and issues appear, which lately become main reason for a few refusals of Lea to be a guest of leading bulgarian TV shows. Currently the favorite poses with priority in the Swiss company (eros.com) and her name is mentioned and ranks among the most desired and seeked models in Europe. During the shooting, the promoters themselves admit that Lea has unearthly beauty and that she will easily be ranked among the best and proven time-tested erotic models on an international level. In spite of the modest price, her name is among the most demanded social and proven escorts in this industry.


Only 24 years old, Escortira awaits serious offers from well known agencies, as refuses several of such from an Italian company known in the porn industry. They suggest a modest amount of 18,000EUR per month to the future porn actress! Lea Maleeva is gonna start her career in London dated 1st of October 2018, giving an opportunity to all proven and global porn agencies to apply for her presence, as they should offer her at least 1000BGN per hour. She states that she will choose the best in the porn industry as she describes in her web-world!

Today 10.10.2019. the top favorite is located in Bulgaria, as she offers a real opportunity for Pornstar-beginner models to apply for Pornstar in London by casting in Sofia!
She shares that the new service Girlfriend Experience, offered for 1000lv/hour on her website is already known for the Bulgarian clientele.
With the participation of her official advertisers Lea Maleeva - Escortira leads the charts for the most expensive and quality escort in the history of Bulgaria!
The escortira.com domain, which is great interested by not a small number of global sites in this industry, was recently purchased by Escort World ...

Last news:

SecretsRed represented the next banging photo session of the Lea Maleeva "Emirates-Style Dubai". The Top Escort shared that this session is final before her official switching to Pornstar!
As preferred escorts, she pointed the new top favorite, which has her previous name - Escortira_GFE, PSE❤️
Under an unconfirmed information, Maleeva is considering double prices.